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Practice Meet February 26, 2022

60 meters sprint & 600 meters run U7 – U15
In the last two years, we have faced many challenges with our athletics sports due to COVID. Many competitions were cancelled. The athletes were disappointed because they could only train without having the chance to compete and show what they have inside.
The coaches of The Eagles did everything possible to organize a practice match so the athletes could show what all the months of training meant. This helps both coaches and athletes themselves to know what needs to be worked on before the next competition in March.
A huge thank you to all the clubs and parents who helped:
Curacao Trupial Athletics Club, Glory Runners, AV Sparta, Atletiekvereniging Olympic.

Oefenwedstrijd 26 Feb. 2022

– 60 meters sprint & 600 meters run U7 – U15
E ultimo 2 añanan ku a pasa nos a haña hopi kontratiempo ku nos deporte di atletismo dor di COVID. Hopi kompetensia a kai afo. E atleta a keda disapunta paso ta train so sin haña chens di kompeti i mustra nan mes kiko boso tin aden.
Coachnan di The Eagles a hasi todo por todo pa organisa un oefenwedstrijd pa e atleta nan por mustra nan mes kiko tur e lunanan di training a nifika. Esaki ta juda coachnan i atleta nan mes pa sa kiko mester traha riba dje prome ku e siguiente kompetensia den Mart.
Un danki imenso na tur e klup nan i mayor nan ku a yuda 🤗
Curacao Trupial Athletics Club Glory Runners AV Sparta Atletiekvereniging Olympic

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